Wednesday, March 13, 2013


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Breed: Arabian

Height: 14.0 hands           Weight: 890 lbs

Sex: Mare                YOB: April 3, 1981

Date Acquired: 5/2002     Age When Acquired: 21    

horse camp 011 horse camp 006Misty 3

Color & Markings: Bay, star, strip and snip over both nostrils. Left fore coronet and left hind sock.

History: Registered Half Arab (She is actually ¾ Polish Arabian but at the time of her birth registrations could only be half or full). She is the granddaughter of Bask, a famous Stud.

Buddies with DJ


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Breed: Quarter Horse

Height: 15.2 hands                                  Weight: 930 lbs.

Sex: Gelding                                            YOB: 1983

Date Acquired: 6/29/2007                       Age When Acquired: 24

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Color & Markings: Red dun with a line back.

History: Donated. Rescued on Animal Planet in 2005 by the Houston SPCA

Full name: Maximillion




Breed: Thoroughbred

Height: 15.2 hands                                     Weight: lbs.

Sex: Mare                                              YOB: 1991

Date Acquired: 12/2001                     Age When Acquired: 10

camp 4 297camp 4 290

Color & Markings: Bay with star, strip and snip.

History: Donated. Was used for lower level Dressage shows.

Feed: Senior                              Weight limit: 150#

Tack notes: Brown Pro Pad          Red halter

Can't be tied to fence/rail

Only use one cross tie in stall (off side)

Use solid colored lead ropes

Physical :  white stripe that slides off her nose

Buddies: Peppy

SPURS lessons: Level 1, 4 & 5

Gentle                                         Good for first timers


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april2011 147

Breed: Quarter Horse/ Draft Cross

Height: 15.1 hands                            Weight: 1025 lbs.

Sex: Gelding                                    YOB: 1998

Date Acquired: 7/13/08                  Age When Acquired: 10

horse camp 057horse camp 051horse camp 054

Color & Markings: Bay with four white socks and a blaze.

History: Pleasure and Dressage horse. From Louisiana.


4152011 276
Breed: Paint
Height: 14.1 hands                                        Weight: 1000 lbs.
Sex: Mare                                                      YOB: 5/24/1994
Date Acquired: 2/2007                              Age When Acquired: 13
camp4 102
Color & Markings: Chestnut and white paint
History: Barrel racer. Had one foal. Registered name is King Cutter’s Wolf
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Saturday, February 16, 2013


Breed: Morgan
Height: 15 hands                              Weight: 900 lbs
Sex: Gelding                                     YOB: 1989
Date Acquired: 5/18/2010                 Age When Acquired: 21
101_0304  101_0306
Color & Markings: Bay
History: Trained in Dressage, used bareback. Raised as a family pet with a golden retriever as a companion. Lived at Leap of Faith Center before coming to Misty Meadows.


Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Breed: Tennessee Walker
Height: 15.1 hands                            Weight: 1150 lbs
Sex: Gelding                                  YOB: 1980
Date Acquired: 3/30/2004                           Age When Acquired: 24
     camp horses2 034june20102 018       june20102 020
Color & Markings: Grey with a freeze brand “459” on left hip
History: Trail horse used in trail rides such as the Salt Grass Trail Ride.